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Bailey's CBD

Our family business was started in 2017 in dedication to our 9 year old pug dog Bailey. As a pet shop pug, Bailey is unfortunately predisposed to a number of health conditions. So staying proactive in his long term wellness has always been a top priority. We feed Bailey a fresh food diet that we lightly cook at home, and top off each meal with 10-12 drops of our dog formulation CBD oil. We supplement during the day with our Omega Hemp Soft Chews which also helps ensure he gets sufficient omega fatty acids, which have many benefits for dogs such as: -supporting brain function & development -promoting joint & hip health -reducing inflammation -supporting immune function -promoting heart & kidney health -improving skin & coat health -anxiety support. We use our full spectrum hemp balm to help keep the folds in his face moisturized, as well as his paws after we go on walks, and especially his nose (pugs are notorious for having dry noses!) It is our goal as a company to partner only with people and other businesses that have aligned values and the best of intentions. This helps ensure our products maintain the highest level of integrity and transparency from seed to sale.