About Us

MapMyCBD™ is a simple to use App where people can find, compare, and connect with the top CBD and hemp-derived brands, retailers, service providers, as well as with each other… all in one place! Our Platforms were developed by MapMyCBD, LLC., a limited liability company, established and existing under the laws of the State of Florida. Our Company’s is headquartered in Miami, Florida

Our Story

Our Company was founded by the passion and entrepreneurial spirit of our founders. As seasoned business people, attorneys, CPAs, insurance, finance and banking professionals, part of our team ventured into the medical cannabis industry in Puerto Rico from the very beginning. Our founders are high school friends who later became colleagues in the legal profession, but it was the devastating experience of hurricanes Irma and Maria in 2017, that awoke their entrepreneurial spirits. They undertook some interesting ventures during that time and continued having success, but in the summer of 2019 (just a few months after the passing of the 2018 US Farm Bill) that they decided to fully jump into the emergent hemp industry they are so passionate about. Our Founders also established DM Capital Partners (“DMCP”), an asset management and consulting firm founded in 2018 and they currently hold other investments in the cannabis/hemp/CBD industry, including hemp farms in Puerto Rico, as well as other retail and ecommerce ventures. DMCP is co-based in Miami, Florida and San Juan, Puerto Rico, the latter of which serves as a strategic location from an operational, tax, and investment perspective.

What makes MapMyCBD a unique proposition?

Up to now, there was no single Platform which provided the convenience and connectivity of MapMyCBD. There are well-known names in the Medical and Recreational Marijuana space which have become key players and respected references for the Cannabis industry, yet the Hemp/CBD world does not have a similar and focused option. This is why we set out to become the pioneers in the CBD space, allowing us to lead and create limitless opportunities for our users and our clients. This will also allow us to consistently be in the forefront of innovation.

Our Team is made up of seasoned professionals with diverse backgrounds. From Finance, Legal, Banking, Insurance, Distribution, Education, Creative Enterprises and of course the cannabis and hemp industries. Our team has vast international experience in project financing, legal, regulatory compliance, and project management, among other areas of managing complex enterprises and corporations (including Fortune 500 and other publicly traded companies in the United States, Europe, Latin America, Africa and Asian markets.
Taking a deeper dive into the industry, our team saw very clear and specific needs:

    I. On the Consumer Side:
  • Education: There is a lack of uniform and centralized information about the CBD industry. People don’t really know what CBD is, what it does, where it comes from, whether it is legal and they definitely don’t know where to find it and how to tell the good products apart from the bad ones.
  • Accessibility: Most people don’t know where to find and buy quality products.
  • Market Saturation of Products and Stores: We have seen hundreds of brands and CBD shops (both online and physical locations) pop up all over the world. There seems to be an information overflow, yet the information is not centralized and it is hard to determine which information is credible and which is not. It is hard for consumers to know which products are good and which are not. There is very little feedback from real customers to serve as “guidance”. There is a clear need for peer-to-peer information.

  • II. On the CBD Businesses side:
  • Marketing: Except for a few and rare examples, CBD Businesses are struggling to get their brands out there, for a number of reasons. There are many small companies with very little market presence, but who are producing quality products and providing extremely high customer service and satisfaction. Yet, they are having a hard time getting the word out. Our app will provide them with a global pool of customers.
  • Traffic flow and increased sales: One of the key components and key metrics of our business is traffic flow. As we drive traffic to the App and in turn drive traffic from the App to CBD shops and other businesses on the App, sales will increase for our clients. This traffic focus is essential to the value proposition of the App for our clients and for the industry as a whole.

We want to create a cohesive and unified community, which shares information, helps one another, educates the public and empowers small and local business to thrive. We are in this together and MapMyCBD is where we all unite.